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Public Safety

Promoting Solutions to Achieve Justice in Community & Governance

"I need to know that if I vote,
my family is going to
feel safer."

That means the water we drink is clean.

When we call the police for help, they protect us.

The buildings we live in are safe and stable.

We have competent, affordable healthcare nearby.

There is transparency and accountability for those who impact our lives.

Matters of safety and justice for Black and Brown Americans are profoundly different than for our white neighbors. Solutions rely on intersectional approaches that meld community safety with healthcare justice, housing and economic justice, environmental justice, and the means to demand accountability from those who abuse power.

Additionally, whereas Black and Brown bodies have been brutalized for centuries to profit the few, we believe that mechanisms for establishing justice should also repair our economic and physical well-being. 

Man with Grandsons

Public Safety reform is more than a matter of criminal justice. Systemic racism obstructs Black and Brown people's reasonable expectations of safety within their homes, their hospitals, schools, and natural resources.

What We're Doing

We're using census data to identify high-needs communities

We're working with affordable housing developers to integrate sustainable practices and energy-efficient materials. 

We mobilize voters to engage with elected officials on safety issues.

We're identifying emergent leaders and driving awareness of more effective public safety resources

We've partnered with leading justice and justice reform experts to build M.E.N.D.



ental health and material support




ew Reentry Strategies

iversion & Decarceration

NNCP's extensive infrastructure facilitates unprecedented community reach via our door-to-door advocacy teams. Our network of grassroots partners makes it possible to connect justice impacted individuals and families to rapid response experts and long-term aid. 

At the moment, we are spearheading aggressive research and development efforts to ensure our program is validated by impacted communities, long-time advocacy organizations, and critical allies within the public safety and justice systems. 

Our mission is to both mend our people and correct the structural contributors to injustice. By exerting collective pressure we can get it done.

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