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Economic Mobility

Establishing Equity & Generational Wealth Building

Community Need: BIPOC Voters Doubt Benefits of Voting


NNCP knocked on over 60,000 doors in our inaugural year. Our conversations with eligible voters revealed that unaddressed economic injustice caused many to sit out of recent elections. The effects of racial economic injustice can be felt in nearly every aspect of BIPOC citizens’ lives, yet effective implementation of remedies eludes our leaders, leaving people of color bereft of relief. Providing economic mobility education and ongoing facilitation can play a profound role in building BIPOC multigenerational wealth and power. Furthermore, economic factors such as income and homeownership have a measurable impact on electoral participation, making upward economic mobility and democracy preservation interdependent objectives. 


Specific Concept: A Racially Competent Economic Mobility Program


NNCP will provide a full-stack, racially competent economic mobility program. By hosting culturally relevant magnet events where target clients are already congregated (schools, nightclubs, gyms, etc.), we can reach those who need the programs most- including hyper-marginalized individuals who are typically overlooked. Clients acquire fundamentals of financial literacy while learning to overcome the impact of historical racism on their individual, family and community economic ecosystems. Insights from this context are then used as the basis for individualized financial goal-setting and growth strategies. Long-term adherence to their plans is facilitated through mentoring, digital automation, ongoing educational opportunities and peer-to-peer support. We thread the needle by connecting the role of policy to shattering glass ceilings and protecting personal assets, thereby reframing voting and civic engagement as tools for economic security and wealth. Alongside financial benefits to participants, the BIPOC community at large will gain from the data collected as we log their challenges and successes for programs we can deploy at scale. 

Take a look at what we're doing for our people

In our thousands of conversations with people of color, they shared hopes for abundance that defy economic injustice. Their paths to prosperity are much more complex than those of white citizens. That's why New North Carolina Project is breaking ground with the first racially competent economic mobility effort of its kind: Power Moves.

Power Moves is a trauma-informed financial literacy program supplemented with long-term social and digital support. We share wealth-building knowledge and confidence-building skills that, although commonplace in white communities, have intentionally been held back from communities of color. 

Prosperity and power are inextricably tied, and North Carolina's Black and Brown people are acutely aware that to share in one, they must share in the other. It's our mission to facilitate their individual financial wellbeing while establishing the economic leverage that guarantees a seat at the table wherever equality is at stake.


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